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Ladies and Gentlemen, avid and new sushi lovers unite. I’ve just had a go at Do It Yourself Sashimi pack. Oh yes, it’s worth writing about. 

Let’s break this down into digestible components after all bite sized goodness is what this blog is all about.

Right off the bat, the packaging has been meticulously thought over. A lovely Styrofoam box encases the block of tuna along with chopsticks and condiments in a zip lock bag to make this meal a real treat. Did I mention that they throw in an ice pack? Oh yeah, thanks to the ice pack the Styrofoam box remains nice and cool during transport and keeps that tuna wonderfully fresh. 

Inside the package

Inside the package

Now if your like me and like to re-purpose things, this box is definitely going to be used as a additional ice box to help keep a few things cool during family outings.

Package Includes

Package Includes

Ladies and gents without further ado lets dive into the fun part, the preparation. has thought of everything and provides you with a well printed, clear set of instructions. Like the old saying “If Yan can cook, so can you” these instructions make you feel you’ve been a sushi chef all your life. Before you start cutting make sure you have a very sharp kitchen knife and paper towel at your disposal to wipe down the blade with each cut to prevent the blade from sticking. 

My husband being a avid lover of Japanese food, jumped right in to ensure the knife got a fresh sharpening and stood by watching like a bird of prey over the preparation. 

The biggest mistake we make when cutting fish is not having a sharp enough blade, fish being a soft and tender meat requires a good blade to ensure we have clean cuts and do not squash the meat with a back and forth or sawing motion with the knife. So for the umpteenth time, ensure you have a sharp blade and sharpen between cuts if you think the blade is dull.  

Sashimi appears to be made in different sizes some cut thinner than the other, so I guess it boils down to preference. The instruction leaflet provides you information on the size of the pieces, we opted to go with a bit of a chunky cut. Our kitchen knife is an ordinary knife, nothing like those thinner blades that the Japanese use, so making ultra thin cuts are easier said than done. So don’t stress if you can’t stay to the proposed thickness. 

Tuna Plate

Tuna Plate

During the preparation process, it dawned on me that if I had this DIY option when I was dating I think I would have gotten hitched by my husband a lot sooner. Honestly, this is just the perfect blend for a valentines or anniversary dinner at home. Add a soup to the meal and you have a full course meal and yes, your significant other will be amazed at your cooking skills. 

Once the tuna has been sliced use a serving dish to lay them flat on top of each other. If you have a sushi serving plate then things get a little more authentic. Add the soy sauce sachets to a small bowl and place the wasabi on the side of the main serving dish. So there are two ways of doing this, some prefer to add the wasabi to the soy sauce which infuses the sauce with wasabi giving it a even taste when dipped or you and dab a bit on the fish before soaking it in soy sauce. 

Thoughts on the whole process and taste, it was a fun activity that we enjoyed doing and it was such a filling and tasty meal. Can’t wait to do it all over again.

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