Introduction to Food Photography and Styling

Duration: 3 hours

Fee : LKR 25000.00 

Course Overview:

This course aims to introduce beginners to the fundamentals of food photography and styling. Participants will learn basic photography techniques, understand lighting principles, explore composition and styling techniques, and practice hands-on food styling to create visually appealing images.

1. Introduction (15 minutes)

  • Welcome and course overview
  • Introduction to the importance of food photography and styling
  • Brief overview of what will be covered during the course

2. Basics of Photography (30 minutes)

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  • Understanding your camera: DSLR vs. smartphone photography
  • Overview of camera settings: aperture, shutter speed, ISO
  • Composition techniques: rule of thirds, framing, leading lines
  • Demonstration of basic photography techniques

3. Understanding Light (30 minutes)

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  • Importance of lighting in food photography
  • Natural vs. artificial light: pros and cons
  • Diffusing and manipulating light for desired effects
  • Practical demonstration of different lighting setups

4. Composition and Styling (45 minutes)

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  • Principles of composition in food photography
  • Props and backgrounds selection
  • Colour theory and its application in food styling
  • Hands-on practice: styling a simple food setup

5. Practical Session (45 minutes)

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  • Participants will have the opportunity to practice what they’ve learned.
  • Guidance and feedback from the instructor
  • Experimenting with different compositions, lighting setups, and styling techniques

6. Critique and Q&A (15 minutes)

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  • Review of participants’ photos
  • Constructive feedback from the instructor and peers
  • Open Q&A session to address any remaining questions or concerns

Materials Required:

  • DSLR camera or smartphone with camera capabilities
  • Tripod (optional but recommended)
  • Notebook and pen for taking notes.

This structure provides a balanced combination of theory, practical demonstrations, hands-on practice, and feedback sessions to ensure individual gain a comprehensive understanding of food photography and styling within the 3-hour timeframe.