Mandarin Chia Parfait

Mandarin Chia Parfait

Tempt your taste buds with this mandarin Chia parfait made with fresh mandarin, black Chia seeds and yogurt 

This is a simple and delicious Mandarin Chia parfait recipe that is so easy to make and require only 03 ingredients. Yes! Just 03 ingredients required for this tasty breakfast, snack or dessert.

Tips to make the best Chia pudding ?

  • Chia pudding is a mix of Chia seeds with any kind of milk, fruit puree, flavors and toppings. The choice of milk is up to you. It could be cow’s milk, if you want to go Vegan then you can use Almond milk or even Coconut milk. The choice of milk dictates the end texture of the pudding. For example full fat coconut milk will give a really creamy texture to your pudding and a rich coconutty taste.
  • The next thing is the ratio, The most important thing to consider when making Chia pudding is the ratio of Chia seeds to liquid (milk). The texture should not be very thick nor runny. The best ratio that worked for me was 1 tablespoon of seeds to 2/4 cup of milk. The higher ratio of seeds will result in a thicker pudding and lesser will give you a runny/slimy texture. I prefer a thick and creamy base to make things exciting with the toppings I choose. 
  • Next the flavor. I normally do not add any sweetener when I’m making my Chia pudding, but if you want it little sweet you can add bee’s honey, maple syrup or even sugar. Make sure you mix the sweetener with the liquid before adding Chia seeds to get consistent taste in the pudding. 
    • Another alternative to sweetener is adding fruit purees. My most favorite is mango. You can also go with strawberry, blueberry, kiwi, dragon fruit. (these are just few possibilities, you can experiment with other fruits) 
    • You can also add some dried seeds or fruits to make it little extra chewy or add a splash of flavor with each bite. Some possibilities would be granola, puffed quinoa, hemp seeds, dried fruits or frozen fruits. 
    • Yogurt/curd –  You can also add a layer of your favorite yogurt to make it more creamier. 
  • Let it sit in the fridge after adding your milk and sweetener, give it a good mix with Chia seeds – Remember to let it sit in your fridge overnight. Chia seeds expands up to nine times from its original size and create a gel around it. This is what gives that jello texture at the end, which makes a perfect product for a dessert or a pudding. 

Now, Lets get to the recipe shall we?


Ingredients for Mandarin Chia Parfait

Ingredients for Mandarin Chia Parfait

(please note that the ingredients given below are only for serving of two).  

  • 01 tablespoon of black Chia seeds 
  • 2/4 cup of orange/mandarin juice (Freshly squeezed)  
  • 06 tablespoons of yogurt / curd 
  • Toppings (anything that’s your favorite) 
  • you can also add a sweetener if you want your Chia pudding little sweet but it’s optional. In my case I’m not using any sweetener because mandarin will give much needed sweetness that I require in the pudding. 


  • In a glass jar or a container mix Chia seeds and freshly squeezed mandarin  juice. Give it a good mix to combine everything evenly. 
How to make the Mandarin Chia Parfait

How to make the Mandarin Chia Parfait

  • Refrigerate it for 5-6 hours.(keep it overnight for best results) 
  • When the Chia pudding is set (You can see that Chia seeds have expanded from its original size and have created a jello kind of coat around it) you can start layering to make the parfait. The Chia pudding should have a thick texture, if not add little more Chia seeds, stir and refrigerate for another hour or so. 
  • Take a jar or dessert cup and first add your yogurt layer, insert few slices of mandarin and press to the glass. Then add Chia pudding layer and top it with you favorite topping. 
Mandarin Chia Parfait

Mandarin Chia Parfait

That’s it! Your Chia pudding is ready.

Please let me know how this recipe turns out for you in the comments! You can also share your results with me on Instagram with the hashtag #thefoodsnapsrecipes. 

Cant wait to see your re-creations! 


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