Tropical Smoothie Bowl

Tropical Smoothie Bowl

Start your day with this nutrition-packed coconutty, cinnamony and tropical fruit-loaded smoothie breakfast bowl. It’s vegan, gluten-free and it’s loaded with flavor.

I normally have a smoothie every single morning. Sometimes I make smoothies as a breakfast juice or as a smoothie bowl. Smoothie bowls are a fun way of enjoying a smoothie with lots of add-ons and various toppings such as dried nuts, seeds, and fresh fruits. It’s like a complete meal.

From time to time I like conducting food experiments, such as adding new flavors or even combining flavors, adding new ingredients, and trying out weird food combos. Today’s recipe is a result of such an experiment. This smoothie bowl is not just a regular smoothie bowl, its main ingredient is cinnamon flavored coconut spread.  When sent me over their new cinnamon-flavored coconut spread I badly wanted to try making a tropical smoothie recipe because coconut and cinnamon flavor will go perfect with a tropical smoothie bowl. They also have a variety of Keto-friendly products such as coconut flour, coconut chips. Do check them out if you are in need of healthy Keto products.

Coconut Based Products

Coconut Based Products

This coconut spread is made using dried coconuts(56%) and coconut nectar(44%) and it has no additives or preservatives. Why you should add this to your diet?

  • It has a low glycemic index(ranking of carbohydrate) which helps balance blood glucose and insulin levels
  • It aids in lowering LDL cholesterol levels thus preventing obesity
  • It accelerates the body’s metabolism which results in burning more calories
  • It is also known to contain anti-bacterial, anti-virus, and anti-fungi components which help boost our immune system

Let’s dive into the recipe.


  • 02 frozen bananas
  • 01 unfrozen banana
  • 03 tbsp of cinnamon-flavored coconut spread
  • 175ml Bohemean quest almond milk
  • 01 tsp of cocoa powder
  • 01 tsp of maple syrup


  • Fresh banana, pineapple, watermelon and passion fruit (All the tropical fruits)
  • Bohemean quest black chia seeds
  • cinnamon-flavored coconut chips
  • 3x3Granola original granola
  • Dark chocolate chips
  • Mint leaves


  • You can use any type of banana to make smoothies but I personally prefer ambum banana because it gives a perfect texture.
  • If you want your smoothie a little thicker then reduce the amount of liquid that you add or add more powders or seeds like protein powder,  Acai powder, flax meal, chia seeds, or simply more frozen fruits. 
Tropical Smoothie Bowl

Tropical Smoothie Bowl


  • Add all the ingredients with 1/2 of the milk into a blender and blend until smooth. (You can also add some protein powder if you have any)
  • Scrape down sides of the blender (you will have to repeat this a few times) and add the remaining milk, blend until it becomes smooth and creamy. The texture of the smoothie should be in soft serve consistency, like a thick purée or the texture of McDonald’s ice cream.
    Scoop out everything into a bowl and add choice of your toppings and enjoy.

Please let me know how this recipe turns out for you in the comments! You can also share your results with me on Instagram with the hashtag #thefoodsnapsrecipes.

Cant wait to see your re-creations!

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